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Technical Theater Arts Program
Riding on the success of the Student Stage Trainee Program in the summer of 2021, MTPC organized its first Technical Theater Arts Program in July 2022. Taught in Shaw Auditorium, the program aimed to teach students basic knowledge in stage management, sound design, lighting and video technology. The program attracted a lot of interest from students upon its announcement, and the 40-spot quota was filled within hours.
30A Photo Book
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of HKUST, MTPC has produced a photo book to showcase the beauty of the HKUST campus. The book contains a curated selection of high-quality photo prints that can be easily updated with new images. Each photo print can be detached from the book, framed, and displayed in offices, lobbies, and hallways as decorations.
LinkedIn Learning Platform
MTPC and Library are jointly offering LinkedIn Learning to all staff and students. LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that offers over 16,000 courses covering creative, business, and technology topics. Specific learning paths are also curated to integrate LinkedIn Learning with practical training offered by the Creative Media Zone of MTPC.
MTPC Drupal Training
Training workshops on Drupal website production were organized by MTPC in August for staff who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge of creating responsive Drupal websites, managing key elements of MTPC Drupal Builder, and updating and maintaining websites with photos, video, and textual content.
HKUST Stock Image
MTPC has just rolled out the HKUST Stock Image service to support design and publicity work for the University. Like a stock image provider in the commercial market, the HKUST Stock Image service is a handy way to obtain updated and high-quality HKUST images for use in designs, publications and websites of the University.